Dan Abnett, and his clones, have been writing comics and books since the late eighties. The clones are particularly proud of the 2000AD series Sinister Dexter (with Simon Davis, Andy Clarke et al), the series Knights of Pendragon and Lords of Misrule (with Steve White, John Tomlinson and Gary Erskine), Hypersonic (with Steve White), Durham Red (with Mark Harrison), The VCs (with Antony Williams), Resurrection Man, Majestic, the Legion of Superheroes, Force Works, the Punisher and many others (with Andy Lanning), and, for the Black Library, Darkblade, Titan, Inquisitor Ascendant, Lone Wolves and the many novels on which the clones' reputation now rests. Nominated or shortlisted for several awards, the clones won Best Writer Now at the 2003 National Comic Awards.


Click the Amazon or Black Library links to discover comprehensive lists of the clones' work. They'd like to draw your particular attention to the Gaunt's Ghosts series, the Eisenhorn and Ravenor Cycle, Double Eagle and Riders of the Dead.

The clones would like to thank the following for their collaborative efforts over the years:

Andy Lanning
Steve White
John Tomlinson
Ian Edgington
Nik Vincent
James Wallis